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FRIKAR X - Artistic Folk Dance

FRIKAR has expanded their talent project; FRIKAR X

FRIKAR has expanded their project FRIKAR X through inviting six new dance talents to participate in the specialised program. The project is for young talents from the age of 16 years and up, and it intends to facilitate for development and growth of its participants. FRIKAR X provides a high-quality program with specialised training in artistic folk dance. 



FRIKAR X was started in 2017 as a part of a three year long project in collaboration with Talent Norway, FRIKAR and other sponsors. The project intends to facilitate for specialised development of young talented dancers. It focuses on modern dance combined with traditional folk dance. FRIKAR X aims at developing the dancers to an international standard both as artists and technical dancers. The project is based in Valdres, Norway. 


FRIKAR X has extended its number of participants to include talents wanting to specialise in folk dance on-stage. The aim is to develop both the participants and folk dance as a genre to an internationally acclaimed motion art. 

The program will include:

  • The art of being present on stage. 
  • Methods of improvisation. 
  • Roles and acting. 
  • Lessons with a singing teacher. 
  • Repertoire and experience on stage, e.g. through FRIKAR's own project GotoGuta.
  • Selected workshops and training sessions with the rest of FRIKAR X.
  • Work experience through institutions and independent groups.

* There might be changes in the program. 

The talents:

  • Anna Opsahl, 19, Vestre Slidre
  • Sikia Chi Masters Heien, 16, Stavanger
  • Jon Bugge Mariussen, 20, Nesodden
  • Håkon Håvelsrud Odden, 18, Nord-Aurdal
  • Eilif Hellum Noraker, 18, Nord-Aurdal
  • Nikolaj Bo Fischer Nielsen, 18, Nesodden

Board of judges:

  • Hallgrim Hansegård, Artistic Director at FRIKAR
  • Leif Stinnerbom, Theatre Director at Västenå teater
  • Anna Öberg, dance artist and choreographer


The project ran from autumn 2018 to autumn 2019 with an intention of being extended. It included instructors from the Italian dance company Cafelule, Ådne R. G. Kolbjørnshus, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm, Hallgrim Hansegård, Leif Stinnerbom and more. 

  • 23rd-24th September 2018, observe pre-production of GotoGuta, FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 2nd-6th October 2018, Workshop in vertical danceFRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 12th-14th October 2018, pre-production GotoGuta, FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 26th-28th October 2018, pre-production GotoGuta, FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 30th November-2nd December 2018, pre-production GotoGuta, FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 12th Desember 2018, Contempor@ar halling, Sentralen (Gymsalen), Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo
  • 3rd-6rd January 2019, workshop, FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal
  • 9th January 2019, Contempor@ar halling, Sentralen (Gymsalen), Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo
  • 13th February 2019, Contempor@ar halling, Sentralen (Gymsalen), Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo
  • 17th-20th February 2019, GotoGuta show in Italy, not confirmed
  • 29th April 2019, including the days before and after, workshop and show in Flammen kulturhus during Dansens Dag, not confirmed 
  • 13th-16th June, workshopFRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal

* Changes might occur. More dates and topics to follow. 



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