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Happy Halling

The choreography's tight, the music catchy and the acrobatics are simply extreme as FRIKAR leads you through Happy Halling! 

When researching for Happy Halling, FRIKAR looked into how people would dance in Norway about a hundred years back. To their surprise they discovered that people would do head-spinns in the traditional halling dance well over a hundred years back! This had to be communicated and was of course adapted to fit into Happy Halling!  

Happy Halling is a uniquely choreographed show with some of FRIKAR's best motion artists. The show has been developed in four different variations: 

GOTOGUTA includes three dancers and one musician, all telling the tale of the bachelors thoughts about himself and life expressed through extreme expressions and motions. 

SOLO shows a playful halling and a musician. With snippets of vigorous and acrobatic halling, it's not unlikely that the person in focus will be asked for a dance. Maybe it's you? 


DUO is the variation with two energetic halling dancers and one musician with a ram's horn! The show is on-point and vigorous with two dancers full of surprises, halling dance and acrobatics. If you're interested, perhaps we might even dare to include the audience! 


TRIO brings three dancers and one musician. The more people, the more energy, creativity and humour. Three people means overall more life to play around with! 

Watch a snippet from Happy Halling here:



"FRIKAR as a phenomenon is one of the best things that's happened to Norwegian modern dance"

Marianne Lystrup
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