About the Lab


FRIKAR wants to facilitate for a platform where it's open for sharing knowledge through combining experiences from different genres, art expressions and work backgrounds. 

"A teachers curse is that the student will succeed him"

In FRIKAR we cherish this saying though accepting that we can only grow together. We build bridges with motion artists around the world in order to continuously develop the dance genre as a whole. We also want to open up for more ideas and easier access to sharing them. 

FRIKAR's goal is to move through unknown and ancient knowledge towards a sustainable future. We focus a lot on non-material things and experiences which are resilient against time and can be renewed. Traditional folk dance is a genre we are incredibly humble to be both working with and build our knowledge on. It's a tradition developed by people who loved to express themselves through movements, motions and life, and we are proud to continue that tradition. 

With this in mind we want to continue to develop this knowledge for the future. We want to get in touch with people who we can collaborate with for years to come. We want to use our time and resources to do thorough research which will hopefully benefit productions and generations for years to come. 

Through workshops, seminars, productions and this website we want to make new knowledge available for everyone who's interested. 

Video from a workshop on the Kova-technique by Marina Rodriguez from La Veronal. 


Combining traditional folk dance and "Age of Conan" is one of the methods we in FRIKAR have used to trigger the development of halling-dance.