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Site Specific Arts On The Edge

In the water, on the ground and in the air, FRIKAR may open eyes for new experiences of urban and natural sites. 

FRIKAR has been doing site specific boundary-crossing art shows since 2008. We think it's especially exiting to open up local eyes for new interpretations of their common streets or sites. But we also do projects in extreme nature where the art just adds a new dimension to the already great experience people have of the nature. We often engage in eco-philosophic projects which aims to make people feel that they go into the nature instead of out in the nature. 

One example is TidarÅ where we combined contemporary and traditional dance, break dance, live music, vertical dance and tissue acrobatics in an wordless interpretation of Peer Gynt. We are continuously developing our own project, The Dream Catcher, in the Åbjøra canyon near by our head quarters. 


Dirk Korell, Camin Aktion. 
Phone: (+33) 06 85 43 55 67
Ellen Berntsen, FRIKAR  
Phone: (+47) 90 222 875