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The Original One-To-One Competition In Halling Dance!

The FRIKAR Competition brought life back to the highly intense and creative tradition from the 19th century. It's the ultimate thrill of the traditional halling dances!

Program from 2018 (in Norwegian). 

WHEN: 25th to 26th March

WHERE: FRIKAR-SMIA, Middelskulevegen 41, 2910 Aurdal in Valdres

TICKETS: 100 kr for children under 16, 150 kr for adults, 1000 kr for the whole weekend with four workshops, four meals and participation in the competition. Discount for siblings the whole weekend is 200 kr per person. 

JUDGES: Mads Bøhle, Daniel Grindeland and Bjørn Strand


25th March, 12.00 - 14.30: Acrobatics on trampoline, airtrack and floor. Lead by Gjermund Bråten. Gjermund is a snowboarder and a halling dancer. He competed in slope-style in the Sochi Olympics and was considered one of the worlds best snowboarders. He also is a JR Champion in halling dance. 

25th March, 15.00-17.00: Seminar about dance battle. Lead by Daniel Grindeland. Daniel is one of the best bboys in the Nordic region. He is in the Absence crew, earned the title Norwegian Champion and has several times qualified to the Redbull BC One Western Europe. In this seminar he will talk about the physical and psychological aspects of the battle-situation. 

25th March, 19.00-21.30: Opening by Anita Vika Langødegård og Jan Beitohaugen Granli. Followed by competition dance JR and SR. Musicians: Margit Myhr, Jan Beitohaugen Granli and Ingrid Lingaas Fossum. 

25th March, 21.30: Social dance with musicians from the competition and others. Springar and gamaldans. 

26th March, 10.00-11.30: Workshop in bboying (breakdance), by Daniel Grindeland. 

26th March, 11.30-18: Workshop in the usage of theatre lights, by Jan Harald Ovrum. 

The FRIKAR Competition and/or the seminars are supported by the Norwegian Art Council, Valdres Nature- and Culture Park and Sparebankstiftelsen DnB. 


With constantly new impulses from the person you're dancing against, you're bound to come up with new combinations and twists. 

It's interesting to communicate with someone you get an immediate answer from. To dance Artistic Folk Dance at a competition is more monolog, whereas this type of competition is a dialog.

Ådne R. G. Kolbjørnshus
Til bladet Folkemusikk

Eg elskar å tevle to mot to. Då får ein høve til å syne fram alt ein har utan å måtte tenke på oppbygning og avslutning.

Eg tykkjer det vert ekstra lett å leve seg inn i dansen og musikken då.


Mikkel Aasberg Arnesen
Til bladet Folkemusikk
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