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About FRIKAR's Show and Events

FRIKAR is a dance company that focuses on pushing the boundaries for Norwegian traditions and modern dance. 

FRIKAR was founded by Hallgrim Hansegård in 2006. It has toured in 35 countries and received international awards as well as being critically acclaimed both national and international media. 

FRIKAR is based on and strongly rooted in Norwegian traditions. We are always looking for challenges, which has resulted in exciting and innovating collaborations with e.g. Chinese Kung Fu-monks, Brazilian capoeira-dancers, break-dancers, circus artists and modern dancers. 

FRIKAR has been a part of winning Eurovision Song Contest and was awarded their choreography prize. We also won the Silver Award in Prix Italy, which is a world championship for artistic TV-productions. 

Would you like to book FRIKAR to your show or event? FRIKAR's expression comprise of colourful imagination and wild energy, so we promise you a unique show!

Contact and booking: Hallgrim Hansegård at (+47) 47611547 or