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The Value of Hospitality

Many of us experience less hospitality in our everyday lives now than only a decade ago. Are we the last generation who have visited friends unannounced? Who have gone to a friends' place, knocked on their door and when they have opened, asked if now is a good time to visit? When we look at how hospitality has changed, maybe it should be on UNESCO's  and just by knocking on their door? Should hospitality be on UNESCO's World Heritage-list? 

What is the most challenging compassion we as hosts can give our guests? Is it availability? 

In FRIKAR's GESTR, Sudesh Adhana and Hallgrim Hansegård have been inspired by regional local traditions such as Upanishads and Håvamål, to shine a light on the extreme aspects of the relationship between the host and the guest. Through familiarising themselves with this relationship, Adhana and Hansegård, have developed unique movements and choreography, which will be preformed to music made by Amina Sewali.

Adhana and Hansegård are your hosts in GESTR and are very much looking forward to inviting you in the audience in as their guest. Through different strategies inspired by various visits they wish to create a space to explore hospitality and the importance of it. GESTR is a messenger where you, the guest, are highly valuable to the hosts. 

Get your ticket to GESTR at the CODA-festival 24th October here.

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General information:

The whole room where GESTR is performed will work as a stage. Here, the audience can chose whether they want to be standing or sitting on the floor. Chairs will of course be provided for those who need it. 

The theatre smoke used in this production is approved for asthmatics. 

GESTR is not recommended for children under three years old. Recommended lower age is eight years old. 

Cast and Crediting:

Choreographer: Hallgrim Hansegård and Sudesh Adhana

Composer: Maja Ratkje

Dramaturg: Thomas Schaupp

Costume design and scenography: Corentin JPM Leven

Sound design: Olav Nordhagen

GESTR production is a collaboration with Teater Innlandet og Fjelldansen - a regional centre for dance. GESTR is made possible with the support of Kulturrådet and Fritt Ord.  

Photo by Antero Hein



Thank You:

Production collaborator Teater Innlandet and Fjelldansen -regional centre for dance.

Financial support from Kulturrådet and Fritt Ord.