Apply for a residency at the Frikar Choreographic center (FRIKAR-Smia), surrounded by majestic nature and with great facilities available to use. Experience being in the cradle of Norwegian folk dance and music, and let the deep roots this region has spark new ideas and expressions.

FRIKAR has renovated the old Aurdal School and turned it into a residency for performing artists. “Free yourself” is FRIKAR’s motto, and we hope you can feel this freedom here in the Norwegian farmland and mountains, with sheep grazing in the summer and ski trails in the winter. The residency is funded by the Norwegian Art Council, Oppland County Council and Valdres Nature and Cultural Park, and is in high demand. 

Located in the middle of such beautiful nature, we want to encourage artists to showcase their connection to and value of nature; therefore we would like the residency project to relate to nature in theme, content, or in other ways the artist sees fit.

Application should contain:

  • CV/Resume for the main artists with photo (max one A4 page each)
  • Short description of what you wish to research (max one A4 page)
  • Current financing plan for the project
  • Description of current stage of the project and how the residency will help it move forward (We specialize in providing support for projects in preproduction, choreography development, or in other research and early development stages)
  • How the project relates to nature in theme, content, or in other ways the artist sees fit

Send the application with all segments combined in one attachment in PDF format to, with the subject of the e-mail labeled as "Residency".

Application deadline: Please get in touch with us on prior to applying.

Criteria needed to apply:

Professional performing artist who can document a high artistic level

We offer:

  • Housing, as well as fully equipped kitchen and living room facilities
  • Use of spacious and scenic studio (including lighting and sound)
  • Travel 
  • Honorarium for up to two people
  • An artistic meeting with a local tradition bearer in a field chosen by residential artist (for example music, folk dance, poetry, fine art)
  • Possibility for a professional “third eye” of choice who can give feedback into the artistic process

We wish to receive from you:

  • A workshop for local artists and talent
  • A public viewing of work in progress including an artistic dialog with the audience.

We have an external committee who select the performing artists who get residency.

Our studio is located at Middelskulevegen 41 in Aurdal, Norway, with good connection by bus to Oslo.

We look forward to receiving your application!