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FRIKAR: The Dream Catcher

FRIKAR: The Dream Catcher

Draumefangaren 2020 is Cancelled. FRIKAR has taken the difficult decision to cancel Draumefangaren 2020 until the summer of 2021, due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Draumefangaren was due  to premiere on the 23rd of July this year, but the Norwegian Government has extended the rules for social distancing until the 1st of September 2020, which unfortunately makes it impossible to organise such a big event this year. 

It has been a tough decision to make and we in FRIKAR had hoped to deliver the production of Draumefangaren to our much valued audience again this year. However, as the Covid-19 situation has evolved, FRIKAR has made this decision with our social and communal duty at heart as well as to follow government regulations.

Please note: Those who have purchased tickets for this years Draumefangaren will chose to exchange their ticket for either a refund or a voucher. You will receive an email from ticketco with a link directing you to a page where you can chose between the two. The refund will take place within 5 working days. 

Please find more information about the cancellation here.




Modern art and dance performances in the Norwegian wilderness, July - August 2020. 

“On the verge of madness” and  were the initial reactions from the media after the premiere in 2018.

“It’s on the verge of madness to create a show as complex and exceptionally different as the The Dream Catcher. It’s performed outdoors in beautiful surroundings and undoubtedly it has the potential to become an annual tradition with its audience appeal. FRIKAR are pioneers when it comes to creating iconic visual sequences, something Choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård has perfected through original compositions consisting of the human body, rocks, ropes, wood and water. Alongside him, Hansegård has also engaged a team of passionate people to create a level of tension that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat” - Editor in Avisa Valdres, 2018. 

“FRIKAR’s annually sold out success - now in a new and revised version! Early bird tickets for the season of 2020 are available now! 

“Åbjørajuvet is mesmerisingly beautiful and intimidating - both at the same time! In short, it’s perfect as an outdoor stage for The Dream Catcher; a performance where the audience both participate and observe. It invites us, the audience, into a very special world: A dream world!”.

“A walk in the Norwegian woods where you stop to observe everything from still-performances to what can only be described as something equivalent to a Cirque du Soleil-show. All the impressions are food for thoughts. Spectacular to say the least. You don’t have to know anything about modern dance to find The Dream Catcher thrilling and rewarding” - Oppland Arbeiderblad. 

For thousands of years the water has been grinding its way through the rocky parts of the Åbjørajuv in Valdres. The waterfalls are painted white and the natural pools are black. For the audience we have created two hiking routes which you can choose to experience the show from: one white and easy route, and one black more challenging route. Both are 2.5km. Along the routes you will meet approximately twenty artistic installations including dance, performance art, new-circus, music, sculptures and installation art. By the end of the route you will reach the final waterfall where there will be a 45min dance performance by FRIKAR X. 

Watch trailer:

The Dream Catcher premiered 1st August 2018. 

General Information:

The performance starts at 6pm and lasts for about 4 hours. Please allow an extra hour for parking and ticket registration(s). 

Parking and ticket registry by the sand-roof 200m east for Mønobrua in the direction of Vestringsbygda. 

Address: Åbjøra-juvet, 2910 Aurdal in Nord-Aurdal in Valdres. Instructions (in Norwegian).

The area is on public land and by Norwegian law it is illegal to consume alcohol here. To protect the nature as well as other people in the audience, we ask you kindly to not smoke cigarettes or create bonfires throughout The Dream Catcher. Please remember to take all litter with you back home. We strongly advise you to consider and dress according to the weather and to bring good shoes as well as something to sit on, e.g. a sitting cover. It is ok to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and food. We will sell coffee and some food by the natural pool before the 45min dance performance. If you are looking for accommodation in Valdres then we can recommend the following: Scandic ValdresDanebu KongsgårdStorefjell høyfjellshotellRadisson Blu BeitostølenGomobu FjellstueGrønolen Fjellgård and Nythun Fjellstue.  

Would you like to volunteer? The Dream Catcher is dependent on it’s incredible volunteers and we have many different tasks that need to be covered throughout the production. The tasks include standing guard and helping out in the running of the walk and performance itself, overlooking the parking lot, ticket sales and communicating general information to the audience. More information about volunteering will be added here. 

Cast and Crediting:

Choreographer: Hallgrim Hansegård

Composer:Bjarne Kvinnsland

Choreograph assistant: Jon Filip Fahlstrøm

Costume designer: Marita Solhjell Ølander

Scenography: Hallgrim Hansegård

Security: Martin Norman and Ulvar Arnkværn.

Dancers: Anita Vika Langødegård, Håkon Håvelsrud Odden, Sudesh Adhana, Jon Filip Fahlstrøm, Antero Hein, Ornilia Parcia, Sigyn Åsa Sætereng, isabel Ingvoldstad, Michael Aspli, Nora Martine Svenning, Sara Enger Larsen, Toppidrett FRIKAR and students with the FRIKAR dance school. 

Musicians: Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Juliana Venter and Eirik Raude.

Circus artist: Karoline Aamås

The poem The Dream Catcher is written by Knut Buen.

The video trailer is created by Jørn Ranum Nyseth.

Pictures by Antero Hein.

Thank You:

Financial support: Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Norsk Tipping, Kulturrådet, Oppland fylkeskommune, Sparebankstiftelsen Hallingdal, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Eckbos legat and Skagerak Energi. 

Our collaborators: Talent Norge, Valdres natur- og kulturpark, Teater innlandet, Ål kulturhus, Kraftriket, DNT Valdres and the land owners Odd Magnar Åbjørsbårten, Tom Myrheim and Ole Tor Kulterstad.