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Is dance really an universal language when it comes to understand each other? Searching for the ultimate challenge choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård went to the Chinese Wudang mountains during diplomatic crises after the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobles peace prize in Norway.

Hansegård spent four months with kung fu monks which did only talk Mandarin, had never performed before and had no interest of Western dancing. Would they let him under their uniformed and collectivistic surface? And would they manage to create arts together without any use of interpreter?

The film «8» shows without words how four monks and four Norwegian halling dancers becomes eight individuals. «8» was awarded The Silver Prize of Prix Italia 2013 in the category of performing arts. The jury called it «an original idea of crossing the borders of culture and language through music and dance.» The monks and the dancers did a sold out tour in Europe and the documentary film about this project, screened on NRK, SVT and ABC is available at

Concept and choreography: Hallgrim Hansegård
Music: Marcus Paus
TV director: Eric Conders
FRIKAR dance company represented by the dancers: Anders Aasberg, Ådne R. G. Kolbjørnshus, Vetle Springgard and Hallgrim Hansegård
Huilongguan kungfu temple represented by the monks Zhou Wenbin, Yuan Shenfeng, Yan Guangyu and Chen Xing Jie
Music performed by The Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Produced by FRIKAR and The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation


An original idea of crossing the borders of culture and language through music and dance. A model to follow and develop.


The International Jury of Prix Italia
The International Jury of Prix Italia

The documentary film "Frikar in dragons temple" follows Hallgrim Hansegård on his journey to the Chinese kung fu temple in the Wudang mountains

The full stage performance of 8 at Dansens Hus oslo, premiere.



«Colourful and trailblazing»
// Colin Irwin, Spiral Earth, July 9th 2012 //

«Like the Tarantino film Kill Bill without the violence»
// Kevin Bourke, Songlines Magazine, July 7th 2012 //

"Frikar made the differences swing together in a wonderful manner. The result is an original research of communication through a lot of humor." 
// Jörn Florian Fuchs – Deutchlandfunk, June 6th 2012 //

"I am touched by the simplicity of this wordless dialogue. A bold, playful performance with great audience appeal."
// Annabel Guaita - Bergens Tidende, May 31st 2012 //

"The sharp precision and smooth movements convey humility and respect, mind in balance. The show has strict choreography, which give space for Hansegårds aim to be playful, impulsive and free."
// Per Erik Andersen –, June 19th 2012 //

"The choreography is brilliant"
// Katarina Goldfain Johnsen, Nordlys - June 28th 2012, 5 on the score //

"Magic moments ... intricate artistic twist. Frikar have once again hit the target"

// Børge Hoseth, Harstad Tidende June 28th 2012, 5 on the score //