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Innlandet County has decided to give financial support to FRIKAR with the intention of securing continuous development and day-to-day management. FRIKAR will have a non-exclusive responsibility to further develop and communicate artistic folk dance in Norway. 

FRIKAR will create artistic projects of international quality based on the Norwegian cultural heritage and communicate these projects throughout Norway. The support is given based on FRIKAR's previous achievements:  

- The Norwegian Government through Talent Norway, gave FRIKAR the national responsibility for developing dance talents in professional artistic folk dance (2017). 

- FRIKAR has since 2012 been the only regional centre for dance that primarily focuses on the development of the artistic folk dance. 

- FRIKAR has represented Norway in international competitions such as Prix Italia and Eurovision Song Contest. 

- Nationally, FRIKAR has performed in 160 villages, towns and cities in Norway. 

- Internationally, FRIKAR has performed for over 400.000 people in 35 countries.

- FRIKAR has been critically acclaimed in international media such as National Geographic, The Herald, The Scotsman, WDR and Gramophone Magazine, as well as the national media outlets VG, NRK and Aftenposten. 

- FRIKAR has built its own centre for dance, which won Kunstløftet's competition for innovative art arenas. FRIKAR's centre for dance is in Aurdal, Valdres. 

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TidarÅ, is an outdoors performance that was visited by 3500 people over five days. TidarÅ is an example of how FRIKAR combines various art forms and genres.