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Control and cover of the female head and body

When we dance, what do you think is typically feminine and masculine behaviour? What happens to our old-fashioned gender roles when women are performing the heaviest and most extreme moves in FRIKAR's new project with only women on stage?

Clothes and physical movements has traditionally been used to control women in Norway. The hijab entered where the traditional Norwegian head covering, skaut, left. The hijab is optional for many but not for all, and this reflection on traditional head overing is the main focus for choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård and five female contributing dancers. In SKAUT they are looking at the complex and historic thematic of covering up and controlling the female body. With their hair both up and let down, the dancers in SKAUT present unique, modern dance combined with wild, Norwegian traditional folk dance. 

SKAUT is a new and down to earth performance with sky high ambitions from FRIKAR. 

Premiering 28th February 2020 in Bærum kulturhus.

#Interaktiv kunst
General Information:

The room as a whole will work as a stage. The audience will be given the option between experiencing the show sitting on the floor or standing. Chairs will be provided for those who need it. 

The theatre smoke used in this production is approved for asthmatics. 

It is not recommended for children under three years old. Recommended lower age is eight years old.


Choreographer: Hallgrim Hansegård

Composer: Erlend Apneseth Trio

Dramaturg: Celestine Hennermann

Costume design: Inger Stinnerbom 

Sound design: Gard Gitlestad

Contributing dancers: Anita Vika Langødegård, Sara Enger Larsen, Sigyn Åsa Sætereng, Nora Svenning, Ornilia Percia Ubisse. 

This production is a collaboration with Beaivvas Samiske Nasjonalteater and Bærum kulturhus. It is supported by Arts Council Norway, Fritt Ord, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Norsk Tipping, Eckbos Legat, Oppland/Innlandet fylkeskommune, Valdres Natur- og Kulturpark.  


Photo: Hallgrim Hansegård.