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Artistic Director Hallgrim Hansegård founded FRIKAR in 2006 to create a space where Norwegian traditional folk dance and other sub cultures within dance can explore, develop and at the same time be a centre for sharing of information and knowledge. 

Hallgrim Hansegård (b. 1980) is a Norwegian choreographer, dancer and entrepreneur known for his innovative and playful projects which breaks physical-, psychological- and cultural barriers. He has successfully made his regions' traditional folk dance, halling, known for a global audience through computer games and TV-productions. His projects has been performed in more than 30 countries around the world, been censored by the Catholic Church in Italy and currently have more than 100 milion views on YouTube. 

Hansegård started the dance company FRIKAR in 2006. FRIKAR creates and facilitates new possibilities and work opportunities for dancers within a variety of genres, including halling, break dance, capoeira and new circus. In 2012 he started FRIKAR The Academy which focuses on the educational aspect of FRIKAR. Already in 1999 Hansegård started the Fjellleik-project ("The Mountain Games-project") at Valdres High School and it is still considered an important and healthy alternative to a downwards spiralling trend of drug abuse in the region. Hansegård started Toppidrett FRIKAR, specialised subjects for students studying to be professional athletes, by the same school in 2016, and in 2017 he established FRIKAR X in collaboration with Talent Norge. In FRIKAR X ten professional and semi professional dance artists are given guidance and training for three years regardless of their originally chosen genre. 

Hansegård has also been outspoken and active in humanitarian work especially for immigration and against racism. He has approached both primarily through art projects and articles in the national Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.