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Vertical dance

Vertical dance

Experience the urban or alpine space in a breath-taking new way! FRIKARs vertical dance often opens up the eyes for new experiences of the same old place.


An example of vertical dance is our contribution as main artist at Bergen International Festival in 2010. The council house is known as a a bit boring building which breaks with the characteristic architectural style of Bergen. And it's a very hierarchic construction separating the elite from the people. Our vertical dance was possible to see from near and far and from both sides of the Lunggård lake. "Never has the council house been so beautiful", was one of many comments from the audience. 

FRIKAR is a pioneer in the world of vertical dance and is specialized on poetic duets. We have been experimenting with both static ropes and bungees working in urban spaces, in nature as well as indoor. We often combine it with dance and live music on the ground as well. Our vertical dance is especially popular art form for openings of new buildings. Some of the places we have done vertical dance at: 

  • Fira Mediterranea de Manresa, Spain. 
  • Open look contemporary dance festival of St. Petersburg, Russia. 
  • Street theatre tour of Italy.
  • Bergen International Festival, Norway. 
  • Fjærheia outdoor theatre, Norway.
  • TidarÅ, Frya canyon, Norway.
  • Christmas concert for homeless people, the Dome of Oslo, Norway
  • The opening of the Hospital of Valdres, the Cinema of Gjøvik, and the Shopping centre of Leira and other closed events around. 

If interested in booking vertical dance, please send a photo of the wall you have in mind to, and we will consider if it is possible and if we should send our head of security to have a look at the place. We are able to execute the vertical dance almost everywhere. 


Hallgrim Hansegård & Sudesh Adhana shot by Magnus Skrede
Hallgrim Hansegård & Sudesh Adhana shot by Magnus Skrede

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