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Dance on camera

Stay smart - together apart - in these times of corona. It might be boring, but dance is a nice way of keeping up the motivation. Therefor we would like to share some videos with you, especially full length performances from our archive. 


#breakdance #halling #narrativedance #love #antifascism


Documentary movie by Globus Media/NRK


Award winning dance movie by Hallgrim Hansegård produced with NRK, KORK and FRIKAR. TV producer: Erik Conders. Music composed by Marcus Paus. Movement artists: Yan Guanyu, Yuan Shenfeng, Zhou Wenbin, Chen Xing Jie, Vetle Springgard, Anders Aasberg, Ådne R. G. Kolbjørnshus. The movie won the Silver Prize of Performing Arts at Prix Italia 2013.

#kungfu #taiji #halling #love #nonverbal


Full length documentation of JAMSIIS, premiered at Bergen International Festival, DNS, 2010. Idea, direction, video and dance by Hallgrim Hansegård. Choreography by Sølvi Edvardsen, Music by Terje Isungset. Supported by Arts Council Norway. 

YR by Hemsing & Hansegård

Duet with Ragnhild Hemsing & Hallgrim Hansegård. Music composed by Lasse Thoresen. Choreography by Hansegård. Premiered at Grieghallen during Bergen International Festival 2009 directly broadcasted on TV by NRK. 

#contemporarymusic #contemporarydance #13min


Idea, choreography, costume & set design: Hallgrim Hansegård
Music composed by Bugge Wesseltoft & the musicians
Dramaturg: Lene Therese Teigen
Video arts by Anastasia Isachsen
Direction: Anne Bryhn
Assistant choreographer: Camilla Tellefsen
Dancers: Vetle Springgard, Anders Aasberg, Bjørnar Blaavarp Heimdal, Trond André BTech Hansen, Mathias Jin Budtz and Marvin MarwlessOne Alvarez
Musicians: Erlend Viken, Amina Sewali and Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg
Scenography and costumes created by Teater Innlandet.

Bivrfrost was produced by FRIKAR and co-produced by Teater Innlandet, supported by Kulturrådet, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

"Frikar in Dragons Temple" is a 52 min documentary produced by Globus media for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK 1). The movie which was premiered 12.12.12 tells the story about choreographer Hallgirm Hansegård trying to make a performance together with Chinese kung fu monks without an interpreter and common languages.

With the frikar dancers Ådne Kolbjørnshus, Vetle Springgard and Anders Aasberg.

Directed by Erik Hannemann, music by Marcus Paus